Thursday, February 28, 2013

A February Finish...

My February goal for A lovely Year of Finishes done at the last minute.  Phew!!

I had several things come up in the last couple of weeks that took away time to work on this quilt.  My internet went bad and I had to wait for the phone company to send me a new DSL box, soccer practice started and Mr. went on a hunting trip. Other sewing needed to get done also like Bee blocks and some pattern testing. (more on that next time)
I found this print for the backing at Joann's.  I love it!  It was just what I was looking for -- black and white with a small pop of yellow.  I used for the binding as well.
I decided to stick with the same loopdy-doo that I've been doing on everything and added some straight lines in the sashing all in black thread. I feel Im getting better at FMQ and need to move on to another design.  Maybe start practicing some stippling. 
I'm so glad it's done and I love how it turned out.  Just in time too :)  Spring soccer just started.
Quilt stats:
The Soccer Quilt
48" x 58"
block tutorial here
As I was finshing up on sewing the binding down last night, Smoke had to come test it out.  Couldn't wait I guess :)

A Lovely Year of Finishes
I also made 10 more stars for the Dancing Stars QAL.  I love these!  Now that I'm kind of caught up, I'm going to work on more of these this week.
Linking up to the Dancing Stars giveaway!


  1. Fantastic quilt! Love the pop of color and so bright. Looks like it will be well loved.

    Thanks for linking up

  2. Congrats on finishing on time. This quilt looks great!

  3. Love that yellow and black quilt,very striking!!

    All the stars are wonderfully done:):):):)

    P.S. your kitty is so pretty;)

  4. I really like black and white quilts with a single, bright color. The black, white and yellow looks fantastic and the print you used for the backing and binding fits perfectly.

  5. Thanks ladies for the nice comments :) This quilt is one of my favorites and will definatly be making it again!

  6. I love your black and white quilt with the wonky yellow stars. That looks like a pattern I need to make.
    Your Dancing Stars look great too.

  7. Dancing Stars Quilt:
    Your blocks are looking great. I love it how you have separated them into color ways for each block.

    The start quilt is awesome!

  8. What a gorgeous quilt. I really like the fabrics! I love the yellow stars... And the beautiful cat too!


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