Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A new addition to my sewing room

Even though I'm on a mission to finish my January project for A Lovely Year of Finishes, I also wanted to tackle my scraps this month.  All of my fabric stash is mostly organized but my FQ's and purchased scrap packs have been thrown into a tub that is now overflowing. 
This is my scrap tub.  An old roasting pan that I found at Goodwill.  I love it but it is definitely not big enough.  My FQ bundles have there spot but all the other ones needed a new place.  Something that I could "grow" into, make everything easy to see and great on price.  I also needed it to fit under my cutting table. It was getting way too cluttered under there. 
"before" pics
I had several ideas that consisted of wood and wire baskets-thanks to Pinterest-- but all seemed too spendy.  Especially the basket part.  Then I came across these on IKEA's website.  After measuring, I drove straight there and bought 2...and a rug for the family room...and drawer organizers...and :) You know how a trip to IKEA goes :) Anyway, I couldn't make them for what I paid.  It's not the original wire basket look I was after but now that they are in use, I love them!  I think they're perfect for my sewing space.

"after" pics
This was the first time purchasing furniture from there and assembling it myself was no problem. I love doing that kind of stuff anyway. I thought they were nice quality pine which matches the shelves I made perfect. They are fairly shallow--only about 12" deep.  For large cuts of fabric they may not work but are perfect for FQ's and smaller scraps.  I chose to organize by color.

And this is just one chest.  The other holds some fabric I'm in the middle of using for a QAL, zippers and embroidery supplies.  So I still have room to grow.  I might even get 2 more for the other side.
Now I think I might pull a few pieces to start a new project.

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