Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sewing Catch Ups, Quilt Bees and School Starts

Phew!!  The kids are off to school!  Thank God we can get back into a routine and not be so busy.  I thought our summer was going to be laid back, easy going, have plenty of time to get things done.  Whatever!!  I think we were busier!  Of course summer is rodeo season and we traveled quite a bit on the weekends, but the week itself never seemed to end! So here is to a new school year and some "Mom" time in the sewing room.  Who's with me?

September is my month to host in the "String Me Along...Again" Bee.  I chose the Spider Web block using this tutorial from Heather @ {House} of a la mode. I liked it and I can see everyone else does too.  There are tons of quilts out there using her tutorial.  I thought it would be fun to do it in black/white and oranges for Halloween.  I've been collecting FQ's for quite a while. Here is my sample block:

There really isn't any actual Halloween prints in it except for one--black with white skulls. I'm very happy with how it turned out.  Have any of you ever attempted this block?  Here are some pointers on getting things matched up perfect:

After marking your triangles, lay them out to make sure they match up. I like using the "sewline" quilting mechanical pencils. You can buy white or yellow (which I used here) to mark on dark fabrics.


When you start with the first strip, place a pin where your mark is. It's hard to tell when the mark in underneith your strip. This way you know exactly where the mark is and each section should line up perfect.

I'm slowly getting caught up with my Garden Steps QAL.  I'm only halfway. I'm going to make a point of working on these in the evenings.  I'm reading right now but almost done with the book so these blocks will come first before I start another one.

I also joined the Super Mario Bros. QAL@ Cut To Pieces.  I'm not going to make each block so for me I guess I'm caught up with that one. I'm just waiting to see what will be posted next to see if I want to make it.  Here are my Mario and Luigi blocks:

When summer started, I decided to start a quilt for the up coming soccer season.  I like to take a quilt with me to the games in case I get cold.  I made these blocks and loved them! I decided to make some for myself.  Our school colors are black/gold so I thought all yellow stars would be perfect. Here is what I have so far:
I actually have twice this many now.  I work on them after I get caught up with monthly Bee blocks.  Next time I should have some quilt top finishes to share!


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