Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Sewing Space

Sewing room, Mom Cave or whatever you would like to call it.  I've been working on it for over a year now.  It use to be the kid's playroom but as they get older, the less toys they have, so I kicked them out and took it over!  It's a large room (350 sq. feet) above our garage so it has that funky ceiling from being at the peak of the house. My walls are only 3 feet high so finding furniture to fit was very hard.

I chose to make my own custom shelves. They were very easy and fit my space.  Exactly what I wanted but couldn't find ;) They each measure 3' high X almost 4' wide X 12" deep. I made 3 of them from pine 1" x 12" boards and pine 2x2's. Sanded and put a coat of satin clear on them.
I love them!!

This one holds my vintage sheet collection, men's shirt collection (for a future quilt) and my clothing patterns.

This one holds all my mini bolts. I wrap all my cuts of fabric that are 1/4 yard or larger on comic book backing boards.  I like to be able to see everything!  Under a 1/4 yard and full fat quarters are stored in small baskets on top of the bookcase and sets are stored in totes in my cubbies.

This is the last shelf and it holds my scraps, yarn, embroidery supplies and my vintage crewel kit collection.  The black boxes are from Ikea and are meant for dvd's.  They work great to organize scraps by color.  Anything under a fat quarter goes in these.

Here is my cutting table.  A cheap dining room table from Craig's List that I painted black and made a new top from pine boards. It's nice to be able to walk all the way around it. The large floral boxes are from Ikea also.  They hold all my batting. I plan on getting a few more.


My sewing table is also a Craig's List find.  I painted it black to match my cutting table.  I love the large work space it gives.  Especially when quilting large tops.  I have my thread stored on top, as well as my wireless printer. That tote on the floor is full of tops to be quilted :) Now I need to paint the chair to match!!

This is the newest addition.  I made this bookcase back in June when I couldn't find anything to fit my odd shaped wall.  It matches my storage shelves and measures 3' wide x just under 5' tall x 12" deep.  It holds all my quilt books and magazines, gardening and DIY and other books that I have read or plan to anyway.  If I'm not doing hand work in the evenings, I'm reading.

Here are my cubbies.  A hand-me-down that I plan on maybe painting.  It seems to be missing something.  Maybe some trim pieces and bun feet.  Then it would look more like a piece of furniture.  It holds my extra sewing machine, serger, fabric kits and mailing supplies.  I have one tote full of charms from all my swaps I've participated in, one is full of strips for string blocks and one tote I store my blocks from block swaps waiting to become a quilt. I store my Accuquilt and dies in a basket on top. Like my vintage teal fan?  That's an antique from my great-grandma.  It still works!!

I also have a pine blanket chest full of fabric for clothing such as rayon, knit, polor fleece, linen, ect.  It also serves as my coffee table in front of the couch. Sorry, no picture of that corner of the room.  So there is my space!  My get away to quilt, read or just watch what I want on t.v.  Where do you sew?  In your own room or the kitchen table? 

I'm linking up to the "Show Off Your Stash" linky party at Moda Bake Shop.



  1. I am so impressed that you can build shelving! Your space appears to be very tidy and well organized.

  2. I love the look of your mini bolts! I've seem them before but I think I'm going to do them for myself. You place looks very relaxing and inviting!

    Jennifer D @ The Days Dewings (www.dewing.us/blog/) I am #44 on the Moda Bake Shop "show your stash" link up.

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